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Review Center of Choice

From lecturers to review sessions to discounts facilities and materials, find out why the MRII is the review center of choice of our Board Topnotchers.


"The quality of review in MRII is excellent. Many of the topics needed for the board exam are covered. The reviewees are coached and prepared well for the board exam. The reviewers are likewise excellent. They engage the reviewees well, which makes the difficult subjects easier to bear. "

Prince Elmer Reyes
Chemical Engineering/University of the Philippines-Diliman
3rd Placer/April 2009

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"I've only known the reviewers for a month as far as the refresher program is concerned. I think they did well in teaching us the subjects to the best of their ability. Their mastery is unquestionable because in my opinion they are well trained professionals with reliable educational backgrounds and considered experts in their fields. MRII’s review quality in general is very satisfactory."

Ma. Clarissa Cruz
Sanitary Engineering/Technological Institute of the Philippines-QC
6th Placer/February 2009

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"The regular and refresher courses at MRII helped me a lot in passing the board exam. The review materials gave me an overview of possible questions in the board exams. The problems were challenging to solve and the coverage of the questions was broad. Review at MRII has been a wonderful experience. The staffs was friendly and the facilities were good."

Jernel D. Pateña
Chemical Engineering/University of the Philippines-Los Baños
3rd Placer/November 2008

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"Your state-of-the art classrooms serves as a conducive environment during my review. It enhanced my comprehension and at the same time gave me a feeling of comfort and freedom to ask questions to the reviewers. MRII’s review materials were comprehensive and in line with real board exam questions."

Levi Miranda
Chemical Engineering/Adamson University
1st Placer/April 2008

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"Well balanced course, great people, and nice environment. The review session at MRII is the refresher course for real Chemical Engineers. It provides a unique combination of educational advantages in both aspects of re-learning chemical engineering topics and at the same time learning useful tips on how to solve problems and what to do during examinations. I was intellectually stimulated throughout this highly demanding and challenging review course, but that is the exciting part of reviewing at MRII. I met so many like-minded people with whom I was able to share ideas. Taking all of these things into account, I can confidently say that I truly had a great time while at MRII."

David S. Renolayan
Chemical Engineering/University of the Philippines-Los Baños
2nd Placer/April 2008

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"I would say that the reviewers are truly experts in the subjects that they handle. They were able to instill deeper understanding of the concepts commonly missed in a college curriculum. By doing so, they were able to let students explore in solving problems their own way, that is, the faster and easier way. MRII mentors focused on improving the examinees’ problem solving efficiency which is the key in excelling in the board exam."

Johann A. Cruz
Chemical Engineering/Mapua Institute of Techonology
3rd Placer/April 2008

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"Choosing MRII as my review school for the Master Plumber Licensure Examination was one of the best decisions that I have made. Imparting all the basic foundations of the subject is one of the key points of MRII in attaining success. Determination, prayer, and a good review school are indeed equal to success in passing any licensure examination. I am very thankful and proud to be one of the products of MRII! Keep it up and continue to help students take the first step to success by providing good learning. Special thanks to Kiara, Anissa, Kai and Kambal, the source of my tremendous joy and inspiration, and also to my family. Most of all to the source of my strength, drive, and intelligence, our God Almighty. Without Him, I am nothing. I am lifting all these to Your Glory..."

Menandro M. De Leon, Jr.
Master Plumber/Mapua Institute of Technology
3rd Placer/February 2008

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"When I first took the licensure exam, the outcome of my rating wasn't good enough. Maybe it was due to lack of preparation during that time. When I planned to take the exam again, I enrolled at MRII. It was there where I learned so many things about my chosen field of endeavour. The reviewers were capable to teach the subjects that they handle. The motivation and techniques given by them to the students were great. These are the reasons why the second time around my test result was not just good but better than I expected. To MRII keep it up…"

Ritchie A. Mayo
Master Plumber/University of Batangas
3rd Placer/March 2007

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"Sa mga instructors at staff ng MRII, maraming salamat po! Kay Sir Salazar, dahil po sa inyo napilitan tuloy akong magbuklat ng Perry. Salamat po sa pag-point out ng mga chart at equation na marahil di ko mapapansin na meron sa handbook. Kay Sir Uy, ok yung techniques at approach ho nyo sa pag-solve ng math. Nagamit ko yung iba, pati na rin tip nila sa panghuhula pag di ko na kaya i-solve. Kay Sir Bungay, salamat po sa laugh trip. Na-enjoy ko po mga review session po ninyo. Astig po kayo magturo ng chem. Sa mga e-notes at test bank ni Sir Medina, sa mga payo at infobits ni Maam Centeno, at sa ES sessions ni Sir Mejia, salamat po ng marami. Salamat rin sa mga ate sa counter na walang sawang nag-antay sa akin na matapos magsagot ng mga exam at quizzes. Kahit mock board exam ang mga iyon, sinagutan ko ho sila ng seryoso. Nakatulong po ang mga iyon para makita ko iyong mga topics na di ko masyado gamay. God bless ho at more power!"

Jay R T. Adolacion
Chemical Engineering/University of the Philippines-Diliman
2nd Placer/November 2007

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"My review experience at MRII was instructive and comfortable, thanks to the accessible location combined with the air-conditioned rooms and clear sound system. The instructors gave valuable inputs regarding the subject matter and the strategies in studying for the board exam. Overall, the review program, which even featured a board exam simulation, effectively prepared me for the chemical engineering board exams."

Kenneth Bryan P. Franco
Chemical Engineering/University of the Philippines-Diliman
4th Placer/November 2007

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"MRII’s ChE Reviewer more or less covers the basics in the licensure exams. It was my main review material during the weeks leading up to the exams. As for the review sessions, I would say they helped refresh my memory regarding concepts that I learned in school. More importantly the hands-on calculation helped me in gaining the skill and confidence necessary for the licensure exams."

Ernesto Cunanan II
Chemical Engineer/University of the Philippines-Diliman
6th Placer/November 2007

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"MRII’s winning combination of effective review classes and exams helped me get to the right condition for the board exam. The pretest was a good assessment of what I’ve retained from college. It identified the topics on which I should focus during my review. The quizzes helped me to get accustomed to taking the multiple choice type of questions, alleviating anxiety and nervousness that one might feel during the board exam. The post test evaluated how much I had learned and pinpointed the areas that still needed strengthening. The review classes itself, including the review manual, and the reviewers who gave concise lectures made the learning experience easier but still covered the whole scope of the examination. I learned how to use my handbook effectively. The techniques taught such as the use of the calculator were very useful. Before the review classes, there were subjects that I wasn’t sure if I still knew very well but after reviewing in MRII, I became very confident with those subjects. Preparing for the board examination doesn’t just involve studying all the lectures but it also includes preparing yourself mentally so that you can pass the exam and that’s what MRII gives you. It equips you with the right knowledge and the confidence to achieve your goal."

Eric Bajana
Chemical Engineering/University of Santo Tomas
8th Placer/November 2007

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"After graduation, I decided to quit work so that I can review full-time for the board exam. I was enrolled in the MWF class. The review fee I paid for was discounted due to my DOST scholarship. The lectures were very helpful in my review. They served as a guide on which topics I should focus on since there are so many. The way the topics were presented was very different from college. The ideas are summarized and techniques on problem solving are discussed. I also took up the refresher course, where exams are given and discussed afterwards. Additional problems practiced me in both conceptual and problem-solving questions."

Katrina V. Baris
Chemical Engineering/University of the Philippines-Diliman
10th Placer/November 2007

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"I truly received guidance and self-confidence. There was great effort from the instructor to make me understand not only the master plumbing material but also various learning techniques and test-taking strategies. The understanding and encouragement from my instructors were commendable. Three days after I took the exam, I found out that I had passed. At last, I successfully received my MP license and I owe it to the unique method employed at MRII."

Erhwill Dr. Villagarcia
Master Plumber/Mapua Institute of Techonology
1st Placer/March 2007

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"I think being given the same set of exams during the post test was a gauge to measure the development and readiness of each reviewee in taking the licensure exam. Although none of the questions exactly appeared during the licensure exam, the pretest, review and the post test have all conditioned our minds for the licensure exams."

Howel R. Reblando
Chemical Engineering/Batangas State University
1st Placer/November 2006

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"Taking the board exam is a crucial step in one’s career and topping it is a major feat. With prayers, hard work and the best training, this feat is not impossible to achieve. However, most review centers are expensive for new graduates like me. Fortunately, I found the best combination of affordability and great training at MRII. With its legacy of excellence, highly qualified faculty and discounted rates, it’s simply the best choice!"

Kristian Mark P. Caldo
Chemistry/University of the Philippines-Manila
3rd Placer/September 2006

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"MRII helped me realize something I did not think I could have. I wanted to pursue structural design, which widely includes buildings, thus I thought of obtaining a license in plumbing to broaden my area of practice. I graduated civil engineering without enough background on the principles of plumbing. Thus, I needed to enroll in a review class to supplement my basic knowledge on the subject and hopefully pass the exam. MRII not only gave me a license but also lifted me to become one of the top placers of the September 2006 Licensure Exams. I particularly benefited in the review through:

1. Comprehensive lectures – MRII has some of the best in the profession, who are long time review lecturers. The lectures and handouts are more than extensive to cover the subjects included in the exam. Moreover, the lecturers help students gain thorough knowledge and guide them on how to deal with exams.

2. Weekly exam/quizzes – To measure the understanding and need of the students, exams/quizzes are given. These boost confidence by exposing the students to the pressure and atmosphere of actual examinations. The questions are similar to those asked during actual exams; some are even previous licensure exams questions to thoroughly prepare the students. Aside from these, I enjoyed a 50% discount on tuition which is of great help. This is another reason for students to avail the entire review and to not be limited financially."

Jason V. Paraggua
Master Plumber/University of Saint Louis-Tuguegarao
2nd Placer/September 2006

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