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MRII Answers Your Questions

Q. What are the review courses being offered by MRII?

A. We are currently offering a Regular Review Program in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Chemistry, Master Plumber, Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), and Civil Service Examination (Professional and Subprofessional Levels). We likewise offer a follow-up Program called the Refresher Program for all the aforementioned fields except for LET and Civil Service Examination.

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Q. What is a Regular Review Program?

A. The Regular Review Program at MRII is designed to help candidates prepare for the relevant licensure examinations by giving them an in-depth review of all subject areas covered by the PRC Board Exams Syllabi.

This program complements pertinent review materials with practice problems that are analyzed, illustrated, and amplified during lectures to help reviewees better understand and correlate difficult concepts or principles, and apply them to theoretical or practical situations.

To better gauge a candidate's progress while enrolled under this Program, he/she needs to undergo a Pre-Program Test either on the first day of class or on the first two consecutive half day of class. This same set of test is then given as a Post-Program Test after the candidate successfully attends all lectures under the Program. Quizzes are likewise given at the end of each topic to test a candidate's overall knowledge, proficiency and problem solving skills. Results of the tests and quizzes are then posted on MRII's bulletin board.

The Manila Review Institute, Inc. offers the Regular Program to candidates intending to take licensure examinations in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Chemistry and Master Plumber as well as those intending to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), and Civil Service (Professional or Subprofessional Levels).

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Q. What is a Refresher Program?

A. The Refresher Program at MRII is the last and final stage of the Regular Review Program. It aims to assess the candidate's readiness in taking the licensure exam by giving him/her a three-hour mock examination per board subject. After this, the multiple-choice questions in the test exercises are thoroughly discussed, with the candidates reviewed on important concepts and principles applicable to the problems and engaged in a detailed discussion on how to arrive at the correct answers.

The Refresher Program applies only to licensure examination for Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Master Plumber, and Chemistry.

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Q. Is it necessary to take the Regular Program before one can take the Refresher Program? How important is the Refresher Program to prospective examinees?

A. It is up to-the reviewee to take the Refresher Program or not. It really depends on how prepared one assesses himself/herself to be in taking the licensure examinations. However, taking the Refresher Program after the Regular Program would definitely give prospective examinees an advantage because it enhances their ability to apply their knowledge. Our reviewees attest that taking the Refresher Program helped boost their confidence and improved their memory of previously learned theories and ideas.

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Q. Why should I enroll at MRII?

A. The Manila Review Institute, Inc. has a track record of producing Topnotchers. By providing comprehensive and effective Review Programs for more than 40 years, it has proven its commitment to help students pass the board examinations and enjoy professional growth. Enrolling in a Review Program at MRII is definitely a smart investment.

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Q. You claim to be different. How so?

A. In many ways. More importantly, at MRII:

  • lectures and exams are effectively paced to help reviewees get the most out of their review
  • lectures are handled by highly qualified reviewers who are known for their competence and dedication
  • reviewees get a chance to individually consult with the reviewer
  • handouts and review materials are provided free of charge
  • review rooms are fully air-conditioned
  • lessons are made more interactive through the use of various educational media

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Q. What chances does an individual have of passing the licensure examinations if he/she enrolls at MRII?

A. The chances of passing the licensure examinations or any other examination highly depends upon the reviewee's willingness and determination to learn, understand, and apply his/her knowledge. The role of MRII is to provide a comprehensive and effective Review Program, backed by competent reviewers, which equips reviewees with the concepts, problem-solving skills, and techniques necessary in successfully taking the licensure examinations.

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Q. Do you offer discounts for prospective enrollees? Are the discounts cumulative?

A. Yes, MRII offers a range of discount options for cash payments. You may contact our office for details. The discounts are not cumulative. You may, however, opt for the highest discount available.

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Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Yes, we accept all major credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, and BPI. You can choose your payment terms from three to twelve months.

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Q. Do you offer job placements?

A. Yes, MRII can help you get a job! For many years now, we have helped hundreds of our qualified reviewees to get a job in leading companies such as Petron Corporation, JG Summit, Fluor Daniel, Chiyoda, Interphil Laboratories, First Sumiden Circuits, and many other multinational companies that seek MRII's assistance with their job opportunity requirements.

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