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At MANILA REVIEW INSTITUTE, INC. (MRII), we recognize the time, effort and money that you've invested to get you this far. That’s why we’ve done no less than put together the most comprehensive and effective Programs, the best minds in the field to handle lectures, a conducive review atmosphere and the most competitive fees to help you gear up and snag that license, which is sure to open more opportunities for you.

At MRII, we set you up for SUCCESS not failure. As you review with us, we don’t jolt you with increasingly long battery of tests, making them prerequisites to the next round, giving you little chance of catching up and leaving you with unnecessary stress and feeling of inadequacy. Instead, we pace our Programs, coach you and help you monitor your performance, celebrate your accomplishments and spur you on for the next round.

At MRII, we’re in the business of equipping. And when we say “We Produce Topnotchers!”, we have more than 30 years of experience and a long roster to prove that we do.

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